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Our Research & Development laboratory is always at work to ensure that MIL MIL products are always at the forefront and that they constantly meet consumer demand.



During its activity MIL MIL 76 SpA has always adhered to the principle of QUALITY, which over the years has become the determining factor for the success of the Company. That QUALITY that the consumer is sure to find by purchasing every product signed by MIL MIL.

The incoming raw materials are checked, to ensure that they correspond to the standard agreed with the Supplier, and the finished products to define their safety during use and conservation over time.

To achieve our quality policy, our R&D laboratory has been designed and equipped at the highest levels: the laboratory, specialized personnel can work profitably to exploit and make the most of the available technology. Each workstation is ergonomically designed and the control of all the most important instruments is carried out by a computer system managed by a computer and connected via an internal network. This ensures that everything examined and tested carries a Guarantee of suitability, in order to comply with the quality standards agreed with our Customers or established by the competent Authorities.

Finally, our commitment to the environment has prompted us to define a careful ecological policy, structured according to precise guidelines:

  • Ensure proper use of materials and energy;
  • Encourage recycling and reuse;
  • Reduce the environmental impacts that may emerge from company activities.

Our Certifications‚Äč

The product quality and safety management system of Mil Mil 76 s.p.a. it is certified according to ISO 22716 and according to the IFS HPC standard

"All employees MIL MIL 76 S.p.A. they must engage in a process of continuous quality improvement. They are required to carry out their activities according to the indications of the company Quality Manual and the related Procedures and Operating Instructions. For each employee there is a commitment to make their own contribution to obtain products and services that live up to the quality expectations of customers (whether internal or external) "

MIL MIL 76, a Made in Italy that has been guaranteeing for 40 years

  • Traceability of sustainable supply chain;
  • Guarantee and transparency for the consumer;
  • Raw materials subjected to strict controls.
  • Pioneering packaging;
  • Less plastic and lower CO2 emissions;
  • Respect for the environment.