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Toothpaste Activated Carbon with Antibacterial 100mL

The new Perlax Toothpaste in gel black color based on activated carbon and plant extracts of officinal plants which, thanks to their bacteriostatic, anti-plaque and anti-stain action help to maintain the natural color of the teeth. The natural formula, with an insignificant number of unwanted ingredients, as with the entire line of Perlax toothpastes, is characterized by 99% of ingredients of natural origin and uses organic stevia as a natural sweetener. New packaging: the tube has been designed  to avoid the second packaging, the cardboard box, thus avoiding the waste of resources and a decrease in the volume of waste. The tube in high density polyethylene (HDPE) without the aluminum layer, which allows the collection in the plastic thus improving the recyclability of the product,  guaranteeing a second life to the plastic.

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