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Liquid Soap Lemon & Min, Eliminates Odors Bag Refill 900mL

It is a soap with an active molecule against the most resistant typical odors such as fish, onion, garlic etc. Special because it cleanses and deodorizes, a two-in-one that is even more economical and useful because in the practical bag refill it saves waste and saves volumes. Designed and studied for a daily hygiene and cleansing, it leaves the skin soft, hydrated and pleasantly soft. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.

SUSTAINABILITY AND REFILL ENVELOPE The sachet package contains 900ml of liquid soap, suitable for refilling all bottles with dispensers and flip-top cap. Perfect for an Universal use. This pack is worth like 3 bottles of 300ml or 2 bottles of 450ml of the most common brands.

By purchasing MILMIL BAG REFILL 900mL there is an immediately saving of the cost respective bottles and thus contribute reducing the use of non-biodegradable plastic and the volume of waste.

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