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PERLAX brand was created in 1992 and in 2012 was acquired by MilMil ‘76. Thanks to its particular formulation, in these years, PERLAX has helped its consumers to maintain a high white gradient without scratching, ruining or abrading tooth enamel. PERLAX is a soft and impalpable toothpaste cream, able to release the natural white of the teeth. At the same time it helps keep your mouth healthy. Thanks to its natural ingredients and the synergy with the active ingredients contained, PERLAX helps to protect the tooth enamel and the gums and to prevent the formation of plaques and caries. This result is achieved thanks to the revolutionary PERLAX formulation, which sees together, for the first time in a toothpaste cream, several active natural derivates known for their beneficial and effective properties.

Mass Market Products

The Perlax line designed for the Mass Market consists of three toothpastes in tubes, a mini size toothpaste dedicated to children and a mouthwash. All products in the line contain 99% of raw materials of natural origin (the mouthwash the 97%) and STEVIA as a natural sweetener.