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Our Value

Respect for the environment

MIL MIL 76 SpA is a well-known company in its sector, with over 40 years of experience behind it. In all these years it has continued to develop and expand, and today it is proposed as a reliable and recognized reality.

MIL MIL 76 SpA knows well that creating a good product is not enough. We need to have a far-sighted vision and a commitment that know how to respect the future. For this reason MIL MIL 76 SpA, aware of the high volumes of its products, has introduced PET preform technology since 1999, which has made it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to common traditional packaging.

Strengthened by the experience of PET, and its ease of being compacted, MIL MIL 76 SpA has gone further, and since 2005 has chosen to make many comodity products using bag refill technology. It was also decided to create simple refills and packaging for many product lines, optimizing costs for the consumer and drastically reducing the number and volume of plastic and / or paper packages produced that must be disposed of.