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Fresca Vitalità

Produts specifically targeted to the everyday face and body care, for who want to keep their skin always beautiful, fresh and young. A base on which to build and renew the beauty every day!
It offers a wide range of lines to cover body cleaning, hair care, face products and specific products for children, with varieties of sizes and fragrances, able to meet the needs of the whole family.

Innovative Bag Refill

In Mil Mil we have decided to further strengthen our presence in the sector of the use of flexible packaging. In fact, we think that in the next few years, in this sector, the same market revolution can be achieved that characterized the transition from the use of the classic bottle to the maxi-refill bag. The goal is ambitious, because with a new approach, we want to offer a product suitable for the whole family, which can be used directly and not as a “simple” refill of a bottle.

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