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Fresca Vitalità

Produts specifically targeted to the everyday face and body care, for who want to keep their skin always beautiful, fresh and young. A base on which to build and renew the beauty every day!
It offers a wide range of lines to cover body cleaning, hair care, face products and specific products for children, with varieties of sizes and fragrances, able to meet the needs of the whole family.

Bag Refill - Maxi Saving

Mil Mil refills liquid soap bag have been designed to optimize costs to the consumer and drastically reduce the number and volume of plastic packages that we produce and that we have to dispose of. Each bottle or bag is a universal refill for any type of bottle with dispenser and flip top cap; just twist the cap, open the refill and empty the contents into the desired container.  To lend a hand to the world of tomorrow and support ecology!